A potential client had my name (we had met previously ) but not my number. So she googled my name – and came across a 16 year old site from eircom.net. I am not going to link to it here because, quite frankly, it is of it’s time and some of the information is long out of date. But it made clear to me that nothing you post to the internet is every gone. So with that in mind be mindful of what you post – be it for yourself or employer. As many politicians are learning – these things can come back and bite you.

That said I did download the above banner of images I took around the time from the website and I still remember them all very fondly. There are images from Dunbrody House, the Spice Girls in Rathdrum, work for Food & Wine and personal images for a project in Newcastle. Ohh and of course – Ronan Keating’s 21st.

Apologies for the res issue on the masthead – it was never meant to be used so big – it is from 2003 after all – here it is in the original intended size.