I am not a cobbler!

This is a quote that highlights the simple fact that many times professionals don’t apply their particular skills to themselves or their property.

As a content creator I don’t want to fall into this trap so I have taken a look at my website and decided to implement some changes.

  • Follow me on Instagram if you want to know more about me as a person and what makes me tick.
  • Professional based articles and samples of my work projects will be published on LinkedIn. Selected articles will be reposted here on my yarns stream.
  • I am not on Facebook, Youtube or Twitter ( For WovenContent ) – Instagram and LinkedIn do everything I need. By specialising I have a good strategy and I know what I need to do. That said I do use Youtube, Vimeo, Twitter and Facebook for my other project and clients where there is a benefit.

If you are on instagram please do follow me. If you are not a BOT or a spammer – I’ll follow you back – but no promises on how our relationship will grow! Here are my latest instagram posts: