Fiver Friday – Five Seconds for Five

To the first 5 who avail of this offer I will create a 5 second animation that you can use on your social media or as a sting for your videos. Submit your email below and I will contact you and agree how we proceed. Here is an example of a 5 second animation.  … Read more »


Make more from your events

In addition to photographs I shot this quick video for ESB as they celebrated their International Women’s Day 2017. If you have an event and would like it covered give me a call. With a little planning you can create stories for all platforms.


The Engineering Challenge 2016

We were in the IMI earlier this month for the excellent ESB Engineering Challenge. Over the day we captured stills and video. The stills have been used internally and the video used in a roadshow that travelled to the colleges. It also featured on ESB social media and on their website.

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